5 biggest mistakes while setting to work with coding checks

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    Binny Chanchal
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The coding experts have come across thousands of coding assessments and sequencing. From checking and grading these coding assessments the coders have often found that there is a list of very common and biggest mistakes. It is not that every time there is a coding error, it has to be technical, in the likes of duplication of codes or unmaintainable codes. In this article, we will rather focus on the overall mistakes that often beginners or experienced coders make while coding. Programming language and coding assessment are always done when you are following thoughts. Coders might be coding for PHP recruitment or Python or React, coding mistakes can cause the application to crash.

In this article, we will learn about the five most common mistakes that coders make while they tackle the coding assessments.

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5 biggest challenges that come up while tackling the coding assessments

While coding the coders want to show off both their competence and their skill, but the bottom line is that all the coders should remember that the quality is only secondary, the primary and most important thing is that the coding should work. Most of the coders, especially beginners, want to show off the knowledge they have acquired about the design patterns. The quest is understandable but more important than showing off the design patterns it is important to write a correct algorithm to make coding successful.

  • This might sound as unbelievable as it is true, the second most common mistake that is found is that the coders often forget to run their codes before they send them out to be used. Most of the readers might roll their eyes in disbelief, but most of the common coding mistakes happen due to typos and the semicolon that the coders had forgotten to put while preparing the code. Prepare the infrastructure and run the code before you are all confident and ready to send it out.
  • Commenting on the code is necessary. If you comment too much on every single line of the coding that is an obvious coding error. It is not prudent to comment on every single line of the coding that you are doing and this applies to the entire process of coding. Coders should be very sure that the codes written during recruitment will be 100% more certain than the everyday coding. It is only necessary that you comment on why you are coding and not how you are coding.
  • Although the possibility is tempting, it is important to remember that you should not copy the works of other coders. Most of the companies that have hired the coders will have a history of the coding that is sent to them by the coders that they have hired before, besides they also have anti-plagiarism mechanisms installed so that the tools they are building do not have plagiarized codes. Therefore, the instances of getting caught when you copy coding are more prominent than coders usually believe.
  • Building the code is not the only thing that you need to do during the coding assessment, you also have to send a solution through email. Sometimes the coding recruiters might be asking you to follow some guidelines related to coding and to be very clear, not following those instructions will always work against the coder.

Last but not least, think of a solution that you have sent and what are the ways through the ways the solutions could have been improved.