Code Review- Foundation to bug-free software development

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    Binny Chanchal
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Code review is an essential step towards ensuring quality bug-free software for business use. Intricate analysis of the source code is carried out to eliminate any errors and present bug-free executable software to the client.

Scope Of Code Review In It Projects

Efficient code review will entail quality software development so it’s essential that any organization lay stress on the importance of code review and religiously follow that in practice. It’s useful for both the client and the software house. Careful code review helps in:

  • Keeping IT projects streamlined and organized
  • Quality deliverables ensured
  • Ensuring bug-free software for business use
  • Increases project awareness amongst the team members
  • Code review enable new team professionals to get acquainted with the designated IT project conveniently and rapidly enabling their smoother transition and active participation in the working project
  • It’s a good learning experience for new developers
  • A valuable opportunity for the experienced developers to grasp something new

A valuable opportunity for the experienced developers to grasp something new

Code review shall essentially be carried out by a responsible team member. However, if any junior professional is assigned that role then his work shall be cross-checked by some senior member. Code review shall be a joint responsibility and not limited to a single team member.

Code Review Objective

There are certain essential objectives underlying the code review:

  • To ensure error-free code
  • Task objectives are compared with the set goals of the code
  • Ensure automated tests relevant to the recently added code
  • Careful analysis of the fact whether the existing employed tests require any modifications to cover the added code
  • Ensure that the new code meets the requirements of existing style guidelines

Apart from the above, every organization must have in place a robust checklist for code review. Besides, the developers carrying out code reviews should list out the errors they have committed to eliminate such errors in future activities.

A customized checklist along with the above code review objectives will streamline the organization’s reviewing process and ensure seamless functioning with faster detection of errors. Any code change shall be properly documented and reviewed by the development team leader or the principal architect of the solution. Proper instructions regarding the code change with clarity in expectation will help the developer of the code to understand and implement specific requirements without infructuous waste of time and energy. These measures ensure bug-free code when sent to the Q&A team and establish rapid software deliverables to the client.

Salient Features of Code Review and Usefulness

  • Increased project awareness amongst team members
  • Code review is an effective tool for imparting coding knowledge to junior developer
  • Increased quality of the code with reduced error numbers in the resultant project
  • Code review can be assigned to any team member without sacrificing the quality
  • The review should avoid any delay in the development work of the client’s project work and shall not be invasive
  • Provides useful feedback to the developers for proper professional use
  • Feedback can be used to streamline and motivate the team for seamless operations
  • Repetitions of similar error operations shall be flagged for corrective action in a professional manner
  • The effectiveness of the project execution is increased

Knowledge Sharing and Webinar

A highly experienced team of professionals is ever ready to share their knowledge with the clients for their business benefit. The specific need of the client is addressed properly. Business houses are provided proper guidance for implementation of effective technologies, use of latest tools and framework to ensure a smooth transition to digital market and face challenges in a robust concrete way.

On-demand quarterly webinars are also conducted where registered users can join and gain useful result-oriented knowledge. The client can upgrade and migrate to a code-based system moving smoothly from the old legacy system and reap the benefits for their business growth.