Digital marketing challenges in Pharma& Healthcare IT projects

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    Binny Chanchal
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It’s a complex challenge for the developers to meet specific demands of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries when designing and developing IT projects for these business houses. Developers must have an in-depth knowledge of these industries and experience to address the specific issues and develop a top-rated framework that can be suitably placed in working practice. Developers with proven skills can deliver the most comprehensive IT solutions by utilizing Laravel, a PHP framework tool. Complex problems call for clever solutions, ingenuity, and the utmost skill of the developer.

Challenges Specific to Pharma and Healthcare Industries

1.0 Authorisation

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industry-specific Web applications are required to have access to restricted users only as a safety measure. This application can’t be available and made use by the public at large but is used only by doctors, patients, administrators, sales representatives,and training teams. Limited access restriction is enforced because of:

  • sensitive nature of the data and their processing
  • Patent rights
  • Medical privacy
  • Trade secrets
  • Safety
  • Security of vital information

Laravel has built-in gates, policies, and authorization modules that allow defined access rights to specific users. A stable and reliable security protocol allows additional authorization possible by the use of Laravel Passport. The authorization module has multiple functions. Sales teams need to organize campaigns to promote medical products for which online meetings with the doctors are scheduled. Doctors are required to have only limited access to the system to view only relevant information about that specific pharmaceutical product. The module is configured properly to deny access to unauthorized users to the full web application.

2.0 Efficient Global Communication Across Different Time Zones

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industries have a global reach and often they have to communicate efficiently worldwide with prospective customers and end-users. This necessitates installing a robust IT system that will schedule meetings or international calls taking due care of the varied time zones of all the users.

The development of Laravel’s Carbon system has eased the problem and addressed the issue more efficiently and intuitively. The system manages the time and date in PHP very conveniently making coordination of the time zone a non-issue for the users.

3.0 Upgraded Web Framework To Meet Industry Challenge

The choice of a specific framework impacts to a great extent the deliverables from a successful project. Laravel framework is endowed with large numbers of top solutions which can satisfy the requirements and issues concerning varied industries besides pharmaceutical and healthcare. For this, there has been a continued effort and systematic development of the Laravel framework. The nascent release of Laravel 5.6 has some essential features like:

  • Argon2 is the new standard password hashing algorithm
  • All Symfony components have been upgraded to Symfony 4.0
  • The updated frontend preset is Bootstrap 4
  • Other notable features are also added

3.0 Optimum Use Of Laravel

There is no denying the fact that Laravel solves many of the industry’s issues with ease and its operation is convenient. It delivers ready-made most intuitive tools to the developer for developing web apps for industries having specific demands.

However universal application of this framework for all types and sizes of the industry is not called for as they are too robust for some projects of smaller size. The developer has a choice to use alternatives like

  • Symfony 4.0
  • Rails
  • Zend Framework
  • Vue.js
  • Angular

There are quality frameworks and useful tools available which can be gainfully utilized by the developer for specific industry-oriented projects. Some of them are tailor-made and are very effective and efficient for some industries. Internationally acclaimed software house with huge project experience across the globe and operating businesses successfully are in a better position to understand your business requirements and suitably develop framework best suited to the specific needs.

  • Knowledge Sharing webinar

Informative and knowledge imparting webinars are conducted to enable business houses to understand the market scenario, upgrade, migrate, and refractor to the most modern codebase to enhance the project. The business owners are provided deep insight into their existing system of operation, pitfalls of the system, and specific orientation or course correction required to smoothly transition the business on a growth map.