Docker for organized app development

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    Binny Chanchal
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Docker is an invaluable tool that develops code faster and deploys the app rapidly in business operation. It is open-source software for the development and deployment of applications within Containers. Containers are portable and run both on the cloud and on the machine where Docker is installed. Docker is useful for the reasons:

  • Has self-sufficient containers
  • Allows rapid configuration of the existing environment
  • Containers enable developers (regardless of programming language and operating system)to emulate applications
  • Facilitate adding another member to the project team without any hindrance
  • Helps organized and streamlined development work
  • Aids in developing code rapidly
  • Helps deployment of apps faster
  • Development work is very flexible

Invaluable Traits Of Docker For Software Professionals

Docker requires minimum infrastructure resources and prohibits the installation of different language environments on the machine to effectively work. These useful traits enable development work in Docker environment faster and in a more organized manner.

Developers while executing development work in Docker can distribute and assign resources to designated containers along with applications. This helps in keeping the downtime low and enhances performance to a great extent.

There is no need for the developer to configure their computers for every programming language since there is no requirement of installing different environments and configurations. Modern developers do use Docker for its flexibility and ease of deployment.

Docker Brings Environment and More Organised Change In A Company

Installation of Docker in an IT software development company brings in a sea change in the entire environment and consistent development of the developers engaged in different projects. The development in the organization is brought about because of:

  • Development environment
  • Least worry about the programming language version
  • No issue regarding database version
  • Least concern about dependencies management
  • Least worry about server configuration
  • Reduced Development time
  • Cost reduction
  • Applications can be written in PHP or ROR
  • Run-on any operating system and on any machines
  • Eliminates app malfunctioning
  • Can handle multiple projects with ease due to unified consistent development environment

Rich Benefits to Clients

The use of Docker in business projects of the client has brought about imminent and immense benefits to the client like:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Less external dependent
  • Faster result
  • Easier control of development process
  • The development team can be dynamic but the result/outcome is the same
  • Convenient selection of team members
  • Can bring in specialized staff anytime and trigger noticeable contributions rapidly
  • Reduced dependency on host service providers
  • No hindrance to the development process
  • Migrations to any other host server that is more powerful are superfast without any hassles
  • Perform harmless and rapid POC (Proof of Concept) installation of external larger modules
  • Comfortably cancel the above tests without the requirements of rollback, backups, or incurring any risks to the client’s production environment
  • Convenient centralization of all the web systems in one server
  • Even with centralization client can safely differentiate the various environment configurations which are existing on his designated server
  • Client incur lower costs towards hosting
  • Easy and convenient experiments with server environment and prompt feedback about a concept as to whether the concept has brought about benefits or not to the client.

Knowledge Sharing and Interactive Environment

Reputed and professional IT software development organizations always aim to move forward and keep their knowledge updated at all times. They like to remain abreast of the latest technologies and the developments that have taken place across the world. The use of Docker in this direction has helped the software development team to organize more cohesively and work faster delivering quality deliverables rapidly.

They organize frequent workshops, encourage interactions at all levels and impart knowledge on the latest trusted software tools like PHP, ROR, Word Press, Magento, and others. The quarterly held workshops foster communication and teamwork amongst the developers. Assimilation of trending and current technologies help the development team keep ahead of their competitors and the market demand.

Knowledge sharing Webinars are also conducted at scheduled intervals to help business houses gather knowledge of the digital market, understand its potential, refractor, upgrade and help them migrate to the new system conveniently without any hassles and improve their business growth map.