Harness the vast potential of the Internet in a safe way

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    Binny Chanchal
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Unlike the industrial revolution that came in a single burst, the digital revolution and Internet usage have come in periodic waves. There has been a sporadic wave and increased internet usage during the pandemic Covid-19 amongst people of all ages. The importance of the internet can’t be undermined by providing vast resources, knowledge, entertainment, business opportunities, learning platform, games, healthcare, financial services, media, and other things that engage all.

Digitization has allowed companies to connect and transact live with both the market and the supply chain. Digital interaction and transactions are yielding access to important data. Accessing safe apps and links and websites is a necessity at the present stage. There are pitfalls and threats associated with the network users in the form of:

  • computer viruses,
  • malware
  • Phishing
  • Loss/theft of personal data


The professional expert business house can take appropriate steps to ensure safe usage of the internet and websites, and apps by various users. It’s a growing challenge for users to have safe browsing of various websites, that have secured online banking transactions and other necessary daily stuff on the internet. There are renowned trusted and reliable organizations with proven credentials that can provide password managers where the user can store their randomly generated passwords very safely. The user is also provided browser plug-ins that can access saved data and fill them automatically when required. Passwords are encrypted and kept on third-party servers. The passwords can also be stored in the individual local hardware by using the free KeePass. You can also subscribe to Haveibeenpwned.com which can help you when your e-mail has “leaked”.


Leakage or access to your sensitive data, and inappropriate film and documents can jeopardize your life and cause immense harm to your social standing, and reputation, cause financial loss and affect you mentally. It is suggested that one can install software that offers file encryption on local hardware and then subsequently can synchronize with the selected cloud. The universal application of the software and availability on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android regardless of any operating system make it so useful.

Logging on to important websites shall always be done with utmost care. Burglars have been waiting for prey and they design Phishing pages deceptively similar to original websites to remain beyond suspicion. However, as a general practice follow certain essential steps:

  • Do not open suspicious links from correspondence
  • Do not use the same password in more than one place
  • Before logging on to banks and other important websites double-check the spellings, extensions
  • Do not download attachments when not sure
  • Do not click offers, financial gains, or unsolicited offers from even renowned corporate sectors
  • Spend reading about web safety content like IT security from reliable websites
  • Read about practical cases of social media attacks, hackings, and leaks from some experts available on prominent websites


Avoid using internet cafés, public Wi-Fi, or others phone and laptops to send sensitive data or carry out transactions. Use a dedicated smartphone/ computer to carry out very sensitive operations like banking. Operating from other public domain or other gadgets can’t assure you of:

  • Installed programs
  • Opened pages
  • Firewall set up
  • Computer viruses


Today a single-level confirmation of the identity of the user is a thing of the past. Increased threats from viruses and hackers have necessitated multi-level authentication of the user like:

  • Code sent to the registered e-mail
  • Code sent to the registered phone via SMS
  • Key used as second-level authentication

Cryptographic operations performed on the device make it difficult to steal.