IT Job Burnout and how to deal with it

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    Binny Chanchal
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How to diagnose the symptoms that are related to mental health

In the current world digitalization is everything. As many of us are aware, PHP is one of the oldest programming languages in the world, and it is based on technicalities that are simple to be understood. The majority of the programs and software that we use today have some of the other influence of PHP in them, and this is what makes it special. Many programmers are aware of the use and power of PHP, and hence it managed to remain as a stable programming asset to the IT Industry.

If you are working in the IT industry and you are suspecting that you are suffering from job burnout, then there are a few things that you need to ask yourself before you visit the mental health specialist for counseling and treatment. The first thing you need to notice is whether you have become pessimistic or critical of your work of late. Second, do you have to drag yourself out of your bed to get ready for work every day and you are hoping for your shift to end even before it starts? Third, do you lately feel snappy or irritated with your coworkers, or do constant meetings, deadlines, and presentations make you feel irritated? Are you constantly having medicine or food to feel better or simply to avoid the boredom of the job that you are doing? Last but not least, if you have changed sleeping habits or your bowel patterns have changed and you are suffering from unexplained headaches then you might be suffering from acute job burnout and need help from a counselor.

Handling job burnout

There are many ways in which you could handle job burnout apart from seeking mental health support.

  • Discuss your job stress with your supervisor, you can work with your team to reach solutions without compromising your mental health. Try to do the minimum that is needed. Achievement of new goals can wait.
  • Try to enroll in a program that can help to get rid of stress such as yoga or meditation.

To end with, sleep restores mental well-being and sanity, get as much sleep as possible to get out of job burnout.