Microsoft Azure and how it can help SMBs

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    Binny Chanchal
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Large enterprises with a global presence and Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft Azure. At least 95 percent of the fortune 500 companies use Azure is what studies reveal. However, now many small and medium businesses also have discovered that Azure can help them reach their goals. It includes industries spread across different industries including retail, manufacturing, government, healthcare, and financial institutions.

Microsoft Azure- what is it?

You might be aware that cloud computing technology is the latest advancement. The top competitors in the IT field are therefore coming up with cloud computing tools. Microsoft azure refers to a collection of cloud services. It is a growing collection. However, it is meant to cater to the large and small organizations’ information technology needs cost-effectively. The underlying infrastructure is maintained by Microsoft.

Microsoft Azure was launched on February 1, 2010. But, then it was called Windows Azure. However, It was renamed on 25th March 2014. It is now a common term among the techies It was meant to design, build and deploy apps and services. Also, it is managed through the giant network of data centers that are as always efficiently managed by Microsoft.

Services provided

The services provided include SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, etc, the endearing feature of Microsoft Azure is that it also supports several languages, tools, and frameworks. This goes on to include third-party systems as well. similarly, the scalability and reliability are assured by the Microsoft Azure fabric controller. This means the server will not crash and it will help manage web applications effectively for the user, this includes load balancing and memory resources as well.

Benefits to SMBs

The benefits that Microsoft Azure can offer to SMBs include

Affordable security

Large enterprises have an in-house team to protect the data of their customers. However, a small or medium enterprise will not have the resources for the same. Microsoft Azure will provide a dependable foundation that will allow you to stop worrying about threats and concentrate on your core business. They follow the highest compliance standards which are ideal for even the highly-regulated healthcare organizations. The Azure security management system along with

Azure defender protects hybrid cloud workloads against threats. This along with other features reduces the chance for breach in security. This is a boon for SMBs.

Backup and disaster recovery

Data is important. Maintaining confidentiality is also important. However, statistics on data loss indicate that it is hard to achieve. The most common causes for data loss are

  • Corrupt software
  • Malware
  • Hardware failure
  • Human error
  • Natural disasters
  • Insufficient backup
  • Ineffective data recovery
    • Microsoft Azure offers dependable backup and data recovery solutions to SMBs. Microsoft Azure offers backup services cost-effectively. It applies to both on-premises data as well as those saved on the cloud. It helps to retain both long and short-term data.

      Also, it secures it in transit, at rest, and use states. The files are protected from malicious attackers as well as negligent users within your organization. This is possible owing to the soft erase and multi-user authentication system.

      Flexibility and scalability

      Last but not least, Microsoft Azure offers scope for flexibility and scalability on-demand. This means you can go ahead with growth plans without overthinking the huge IT investments you would have to make upfront.

      Make use of Microsoft Azure and grow your business.