When does the development teams choose Python over PHP

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    Binny Chanchal
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Behind every website that is very well designed or an application that is running seamlessly, one should not forget the contribution of the background development teams that are working seamlessly to well-implement the application or the website. This background development team always decides the right backend framework that you can use for your next project, it is this team that takes the final decision on what the final server-side programming language should be and whether it should be based on Python or PHP. There is a lot of difference that will happen to the development of the application when you choose either Python or PHP. It will also affect the processing and maintenance of the application where the programming language is to be used. Let us, therefore, know when PHP can serve as an alternative to Python.

Python vs PHP: The Eternal War

There will always be a debate among developers regarding which coding language is better: PHP or Python? Both languages are the most effective options when it comes to programming an application. Besides, both the languages are equally effective and the best possible programming language that is widely used. There are many applications where PHP and Python are simultaneously used. Several background development teams start their coding process by using Python and then shift to PHP to complete their project. But in the eternal war between PHP and Python, PHP has a slight advantage because it works faster when developing marketing websites and PHP also has many tools that help the building of applications and websites much easier.

When is Python chosen over PHP

Website application that handles dynamic information processing or needs to handle a lot of background activity. The applications that have to process a lot of background data in a surprisingly short period and have to deal with statistical analysis as well choose to use Python over PHP as their programming language. Applications like Reddit, Instagram, and Netflix have to monitor daily basis on issues like scaling and performance requirements trust Python as their programming language. Besides, applications that need data visualizations and predictive analytics also depend on Python programming rather than PHP. Here are a few reasons why Python is sometimes chosen over PHP

  • Python is used as a programming language when we need a language in applications that can crunch large numbers and the numbers can stay longer in the memory of the programming.
  • Another backlog of using PHP is that PHP can seldom work in a serverless computing environment. Python, on the other hand, can greatly support cloud computing. It handles different processes like multimedia or data processing applications at different server load amounts at the same time.
  • Another benefit of using Python over PHP is that Python can process data from external sites in a surprisingly less time when compared to PHP. Therefore, most projects using Python as their programming language do not have to think about starting the coding from scratch.

These are the variety of reasons why Python is sometimes preferred over PHP as a coding language.