E-commerce platform to upscale sales globally, meet all local & international challenges

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    Binny Chanchal
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Modern-day stiff competition and an open economy have thrust upon all the global service providers, manufacturers, sales, and marketing professionals to suitably place their products in the market and adopt the most innovative technology to attract attention. Customers worldwide should have clear visibility of the product online and visually appealing technologically advanced digital trusted shopping e-commerce platform coupled with intuitive global ordering system so that the manufacturer can successfully penetrate the market establishing its global presence effectively.

Essential Features

The e-commerce platform should have some essential features like:

  • Continually developed to meet all the customer expectations
  • Maintenance and server quality to be top rated
  • Technology most modern, reliable, and trusted
  • Visually appealing site with ease of ordering online
  • Meet growing market demands with ease
  • Hassle-free user-friendly platform for accessing all the range of products, pricing, discounts, and offers
  • Integrate social media
  • Management of photo galleries ably powered by the content management system

Upgraded Servers and E-Commerce Platform Prerequisite

Today with sophistication and the latest software features, the ease of operation and convenience matter most for the customers besides safety and trust. Upgraded servers is a prerequisite to meet all the baseline requirements effectively and offer

  • High performance
  • Rapid page load
  • Speeds
  • Any future changes adherence comfortably
  • Improved efficiency

With time there will be increased traffic and online demands on the e-commerce platform. Customers’ expectations and demand will increase calling for more advanced user-friendly solutions and apps. The online store has to be properly organized to have visual appeal, clarity, ordering experience of the customer. This necessarily will require enhancement of the online store visibility, product differentiation, product identification, and ease of automation. Experienced digital platform developers and the team are quick to identify the shortfalls and fill in the requisite void with more advanced software. The enhanced platform will function efficiently to operate seamlessly and allow the following:

  • Ease of ordered product identification in the warehouse and sell to customers hassle-free
  • The entire range of product catalog of the manufacturer made available conveniently
  • Handle conveniently overseas shipping with the least customer complaint
  • Create and manage the most advanced photo galleries
  • Marketing features automation

Seamless Transaction and Convenient Checkout

An up-to-date developed software feature devoid of any bug will enable the e-commerce platform to effectively check out after completing the transaction. The top priority is assigned to the Customer check-out experience as they expect it to be secure, accurate, fast, seamless shopping with shopping pleasure. Check out is preceded by correctly logging in shipping address followed by billing address then correctly chosen payment method and ultimately confirmation tab. Multiple systems have to effectively work during check out such as

  • Content management
  • HTML code
  • Personal data entry and logically handling the data
  • Logistics
  • Payments handling
  • Error handling
  • Statutory local regulations compliance
  • Network healthy connections & others

Develop Working Modules

A customized e-commerce module is required to be developed suiting to the specific requirements, product needs, and client expectations. Online digital marketing and sales must-have features like Google Analytics, SEO, and Google Tag Management. Correct integration of already proven and tested modules to meet the specific need of the client will reduce infructuous wastage of time, energy, and expenditure. This helps in the quick implementation and operation of the e-commerce platform and testing of the market.

Depending on the market orientation, the country of origin and target market necessary change in desired language version shall be brought in the e-commerce platform.

Logistics of Handling and Shipping

A robust, trustworthy, and reliable shipment module shall be developed for accessing real-time shipment schedules online. The customized delivery module is to be integrated with the local stores, pick-up locations, parcel lockers, and the individual logistic delivery company. Pickup and delivery must necessarily have an open street map API to enable integration of the product deliveries with GSI based real-time maps. Clear communication, informative input to the customer for rapid delivery of his/her ordered product, generate customer confidence, the transaction gets smarter developing a long-term relationship.