Exploring the intersection of technology and business: My insights

  • Streamline Your Workflow: The Power of Docker

    Docker is a platform that helps developers build, share, and run applications with containers. A docker container has everything about a project like code, runtime, system tools, system libraries, and settings with specific version.

  • Unlocking API Potential with API-Platform, Swagger, OpenAPI, and Hydra

    The API-Platform is a comprehensive framework designed to build API-driven projects. It's built on top of the Symfony framework in PHP, providing tools to develop APIs that follow the REST and GraphQL specifications. The platform is known for its high performance, flexibility, and extensive set of features that simplify the creation and maintenance of modern web APIs.

  • Why Enterprises, Startups, and Large-Scale Businesses Should Choose API-Platform for Their Projects

    In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses of all sizes are in a constant quest for frameworks and tools that can accelerate development, enhance scalability, and ensure the security of their applications. API-Platform emerges as a distinguished contender in this search, offering a plethora of benefits for enterprises, startups, and large-scale businesses alike. Here's why API-Platform should be at the top of your list for developing your next project.

  • Professionally align developer, marketing team & business goals

    Business alignment in a professional manner for any software development team is the key to a successful transformation of the business in meeting the client goals and project success. Projects should have unambiguous communication strategies aligning perfectly with the business and technical teams.

  • Practical application of machine learning & AI results in growing business

    In this highly competitive world with an open economy, the practical applications of Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have taken a continuous upward surge. All successful companies have embraced these latest tools in every department of their corporate entity from production, and operations to marketing, finance, sales warehouse to human resources. The successful leveraging of all the vital essential data analytics and statistics has been channelized to further their business growth and effective management control.

  • Website accessible for everyone – What does it mean?

    The Website is accessible when all the users can understand and read its content. Easy and convenient navigation of the site enables intuitive, logical, and meaningful interaction with the accessed site. Removing all barriers in the path of accessing the site by a wide spectrum of a group of users shall be desired by all.