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3 Different Types of Software Architecture Patterns

An architectural pattern can be defined as a solution that is reusable for problems that recur very often in software patterns in a given content. Architectural patterns are quite similar to software design but they cover a broader range when it comes to designing software systems for large enterprises. Before the development of a software system in an industry, a suitable architectural pattern is needed which helps to include the desired functionality and productivity, and other quality characteristics of the software. Therefore we must understand the different architectural patterns before we can apply them to the software that is designed for bigger organizations.

5 biggest mistakes while setting to work with coding checks

The coding experts have come across thousands of coding assessments and sequencing. From checking and grading these coding assessments the coders have often found that there is a list of very common and biggest mistakes. It is not that every time there is a coding error, it has to be technical, in the likes of duplication of codes or unmaintainable codes. In this article, we will rather focus on the overall mistakes that often beginners or experienced coders make while coding. Programming language and coding assessment are always done when you are following thoughts. Coders might be coding for PHP recruitment or Python or React, coding mistakes can cause the application to crash.

IT Job Burnout and how to deal with it

Job burnout is a type of stress that is specifically related to the job that people do, it is also most commonly seen in people who are related to IT and the ITes sector. Job burnout, as most physicians interpret it, involves a loss of self-identity and a continuous nagging feeling of accomplishment reduction, which results in a state of acute physical and emotional exhaustion. “Burnout” diagnosis cannot be cured through the physical healing process, it is a condition that is related to mental health. Most physicians believe that other mental health conditions like acute depression are behind job burnout. Everyday stress is the most common factor in the IT industry owing to watertight deadlines and work schedules that hampers the professional and personal life balance.

Why is Laravel the best PHP framework?

In the current world digitalization is everything. As many of us are aware, PHP is one of the oldest programming languages in the world, and it is based on technicalities that are simple to be understood. The majority of the programs and software that we use today have some of the other influence of PHP in them, and this is what makes it special. Many programmers are aware of the use and power of PHP, and hence it managed to remain as a stable programming asset to the IT Industry.

What is the right way of moving your business to the cloud

Most mainstream businesses are thinking of shifting their business to the cloud atmosphere. This movement is done irrespective of the size and genre of the business. The recent studies show that the statistics indicate that more than 80% of the total businesses will invest in outsourcing cyber-related services to the cloud expert companies like Duskbyte. Studies also reflected that the adoption of hybrid cloud models in businesses is showing an increasing trend. All these studies are showing that businesses as a whole are developing a more practical outlook when it comes to adopting a cloud-based business environment and also the importance the cloud services play in any kind of business.

How to protect your e-commerce platform from hackers

Today’s generation is more or less used to buying the things they need from regular grocery items for daily use to expensive electronic items from popular open-source e-commerce platforms that are available. Most of the e-commerce platforms, therefore, need to have access to portals that have access to unlimited applications and are in the hands of the developers who manage the platform, and these developers are extremely skilled. When using open-source e-commerce platforms the possibilities of having huge profits and expansion of business are unlimited. Another reason why open-source e-commerce platforms are so much loved and valued by users is that they are flexible and ready to scale. Not only do the single product stores or specialized merchandise platforms use it, but it is also ready to use for multi-sector e-commerce stores and even for marketplaces.

When does the development teams choose Python over PHP

Behind every website that is very well designed or an application that is running seamlessly, one should not forget the contribution of the background development teams that are working seamlessly to well-implement the application or the website. This background development team always decides the right backend framework that you can use for your next project, it is this team that takes the final decision on what the final server-side programming language should be and whether it should be based on Python or PHP. There is a lot of difference that will happen to the development of the application when you choose either Python or PHP. It will also affect the processing and maintenance of the application where the programming language is to be used. Let us, therefore, know when PHP can serve as an alternative to Python.

Road map to scale your regional business to International e-commerce

Having a trusted aide with experience by your side is the best way to ensure that your business can meet the demands in scaling your business to meet the international e-commerce requirements. To jump from regional selling to a global online market is a big move. It requires the use of special and modern platforms. A professional development company would employ modern technologies to achieve the expected results. It includes

Top challenges for e-Learning platforms and measures to handle it

Although eLearning platforms were available, there has been an increase in the demand for the same only during the pandemic period. However, it is only expected to grow. Therefore, the biggest challenge for the e-learning or enterprise training platforms at present is to keep up with the demand and meet modern requirements. There is a need for the services of tech specialists to beat the challenge.

Conditions that demand the services of a trusted developer

Digital growth is also a marker for a successful business. However, outsourcing the right software people and maintaining a healthy relationship is important to ensure consistent growth. Reports suggest that About 25% of outsourcing relationships turn sour within a year, while the other 50% fall apart within 5 years. Therefore you should try and avoid pitfalls that can affect the process of building a strong relationship with the outsourcing company.

PHP 8- is there a need to upgrade now?

Digital growth is also a marker for a successful business. However, outsourcing the right software people and maintaining a healthy relationship is important to ensure consistent growth. Reports suggest that About 25% of outsourcing relationships turn sour within a year, while the other 50% fall apart within 5 years. Therefore you should try and avoid pitfalls that can affect the process of building a strong relationship with the outsourcing company.

Progressive Web Apps- Does your brand need one?

If you aren’t aware of progressive web apps, it means you are lagging in time by over 5 years. Yes, progressive web apps were introduced 5 years back. Since then, PWA development is maturing with adequate feature support from Microsoft, Apple, and Google. Also, this has ensured that PWA is just not a passing trend and it is here to stay. This establishes that your brand does need PWA and you should consider investing in the same.

APP Security- Why is it all-important?

Cyber security has always been a point of concern. The risks have only increased in the pandemic period. This has been a point of concern for developers. Also, with the new normal of work from home in place, due to the pandemic, the developers are forced to deal with new types of cyber security risks. This means that many apps are coming under the scrutiny of the government. Also, there has been an increase in controversial apps. Major security flaws have been exposed. All of this emphasizes the need for an effective cyber security management system to ensure foolproof security. However, the good news is that the increased security threat has made users give serious thought to app security. From the developer’s point of view, they are doing their best to create awareness and ensure the safety of the app for the users at every stage in the life cycle of the app.

Microsoft Azure and how it can help SMBs

Large enterprises with a global presence and Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft Azure. At least 95 percent of the fortune 500 companies use Azure is what studies reveal. However, now many small and medium businesses also have discovered that Azure can help them reach their goals. It includes industries spread across different industries including retail, manufacturing, government, healthcare, and financial institutions.

How Ransomware eludes antivirus software

In the early 1980s computer viruses were an issue. It affected the smooth functioning of the computers. The antivirus software was introduced in a bid to control the viruses that affect the system, you might be aware that a computer virus is a self-repeating program that will affect the functioning of the software. It is usually created with malicious intentions. Antivirus software would scan the files in real-time and delete or warn you about the potential threat. Antivirus software is in use since the 1980s. It is one of the important tools in cybersecurity as well. However, advancements in technology bring with it new challenges. Ransomware is one such challenge. The traditional antivirus software is not effective against ransomware

Microsoft Powerpoint VS Google slides

Presentations are important for businesses. However, the presentation is focused on driving home the point to the audience. Therefore, presenting it in the form of slides will help capture and retain the attention of the audience. While Microsoft PowerPoint was the only option available to present valuable information in the form of slides you now have other options like goggle slides that can be accessed with G Suite. Now, this opens up a debate as to which is best.

Data analytics & integration in business decision making

The growth of the digital world and its increased use in the present day has brought about rapid advancement in IT technologies. The advanced IT features have enabled the assimilation of unlimited customer data over time. It’s logical for the organization to make good use of these organic data to successfully integrate into their business enhancement after careful data analysis. However, increased data over time will certainly impact the storage cost. Top-level management has to make a judicious decision in making appropriate use of the data before embarking on a new business venture, expanding existing business areas, or diversifying in line with the data analysis.

E-commerce platform to upscale sales globally, meet all local & international challenges

Modern-day stiff competition and an open economy have thrust upon all the global service providers, manufacturers, sales, and marketing professionals to suitably place their products in the market and adopt the most innovative technology to attract attention. Customers worldwide should have clear visibility of the product online and visually appealing technologically advanced digital trusted shopping e-commerce platform coupled with intuitive global ordering system so that the manufacturer can successfully penetrate the market establishing its global presence effectively.

Russian Ukraine war and its impact on the IT industry

The chances for a war to erupt was always on the cards for a few years now. However, Vladimir Putin reassured that he would not invade Ukraine unless the situation warranted it. However, a few months later Putin ignored all peace deals and created a scene where war was imminent. Russia started to pour forces in the north, south, and east of Ukraine. This was indeed a surprise move that most countries in the world did not expect.

Harness the digital channel to reach customers globally & engage fruitfully

The need of the hour for any manufacturer, product developer, service provider, and other professionals is to tap the vast local and international market, capitalize on the open economy congenial atmosphere and adopt the upgraded most advanced digital platform to showcase and sell their product online. The opportunity to grow online was compulsorily made available to all during the Covid-95 outbreak worldwide. Physical detachment is no longer a barrier and the digital transformation has blended the customer journey on a singular experience both online and offline. The digital platform has brought about;

Digital marketing challenges in Pharma& Healthcare IT projects

It’s a complex challenge for the developers to meet specific demands of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries when designing and developing IT projects for these business houses. Developers must have an in-depth knowledge of these industries and experience to address the specific issues and develop a top-rated framework that can be suitably placed in working practice. Developers with proven skills can deliver the most comprehensive IT solutions by utilizing Laravel, a PHP framework tool. Complex problems call for clever solutions, ingenuity, and the utmost skill of the developer.

Docker for organized app development

Docker is an invaluable tool that develops code faster and deploys the app rapidly in business operation. It is open-source software for the development and deployment of applications within Containers. Containers are portable and run both on the cloud and on the machine where Docker is installed. Docker is useful for the reasons:

Harness the vast potential of the Internet in a safe way

Unlike the industrial revolution that came in a single burst, the digital revolution and Internet usage have come in periodic waves. There has been a sporadic wave and increased internet usage during the pandemic Covid-19 amongst people of all ages. The importance of the internet can’t be undermined by providing vast resources, knowledge, entertainment, business opportunities, learning platform, games, healthcare, financial services, media, and other things that engage all.

Coding assessment- Common mistakes

Docker is an invaluable tool that develops code faster and deploys the app rapidly in business operation. It is open-source software for the development and deployment of applications within Containers. Containers are portable and run both on the cloud and on the machine where Docker is installed. Docker is useful for the reasons:

Growth & impact of digital on customer engagement

The digital revolution has brought about a paradigm shift in marketing from brick-and-mortar retail towards e-commerce along with communication channels. Unlike the past traditional businesses primarily depended on physical networks, first, the messenger revolution brought the customer closer and now the intermediaries are using digital technologies to control user access and create new ways of consuming products and services. During the pandemic Covid-19, over the last two years world has witnessed mammoth increased access to secured digital services. Digital transformation allowed companies to engage both with the consumer’s life as well with the supply chain.

Dependable App security measures to keep hackers at Bay

With the rapid growth of digitization and universal increase in volume usage of a digital platform for multifaceted uses, the cyber security risks and concerns have been uppermost in the minds of all. Cybercrime has skyrocketed in recent times due to an ill-informed population and people with inadequate digital knowledge have started using the different sites with lucrative offers. Many of the apps have come under government scrutiny and privacy watchdogs. Many of the apps operating worldwide have been reported to have serious security flaws that expose sensitive personal data.

Angular versatile standalone framework

Software developers must keep abreast of all the latest developments in their field to remain competitive and meet the market demand and challenges without any hassles. There has been a persistent query in the minds of juniors entering the field and unfamiliar personnel whether Angular is still popular? Whether it meets the challenges of recent times and how does it compete with other competitive technological development like React? Probably not, still, there are great changes perceived in the Angular arena which are important and call for close examination.

Website accessible for everyone – What does it mean?

The Website is accessible when all the users can understand and read its content. Easy and convenient navigation of the site enables intuitive, logical, and meaningful interaction with the accessed site. Removing all barriers in the path of accessing the site by a wide spectrum of a group of users shall be desired by all.

Practical application of machine learning & AI results in growing business

In this highly competitive world with an open economy, the practical applications of Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have taken a continuous upward surge. All successful companies have embraced these latest tools in every department of their corporate entity from production, and operations to marketing, finance, sales warehouse to human resources. The successful leveraging of all the vital essential data analytics and statistics has been channelized to further their business growth and effective management control.

Unlocking API Potential with API-Platform, Swagger, OpenAPI, and Hydra

The API-Platform is a comprehensive framework designed to build API-driven projects. It's built on top of the Symfony framework in PHP, providing tools to develop APIs that follow the REST and GraphQL specifications. The platform is known for its high performance, flexibility, and extensive set of features that simplify the creation and maintenance of modern web APIs.

Why Enterprises, Startups, and Large-Scale Businesses Should Choose API-Platform for Their Projects

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses of all sizes are in a constant quest for frameworks and tools that can accelerate development, enhance scalability, and ensure the security of their applications. API-Platform emerges as a distinguished contender in this search, offering a plethora of benefits for enterprises, startups, and large-scale businesses alike. Here's why API-Platform should be at the top of your list for developing your next project.