Growth & impact of digital on customer engagement

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    Binny Chanchal
  • Published

The digital revolution has brought about a paradigm shift in marketing from brick-and-mortar retail towards e-commerce along with communication channels. Unlike the past traditional businesses primarily depended on physical networks, first, the messenger revolution brought the customer closer and now the intermediaries are using digital technologies to control user access and create new ways of consuming products and services. During the pandemic Covid-19, over the last two years world has witnessed mammoth increased access to secured digital services. Digital transformation allowed companies to engage both with the consumer’s life as well with the supply chain.

Digital Revolution

The ease of doing business and online experience has been a revolution with strong digital customer relationships and engagement. It has surpassed all barriers and enabled customers’ interactions to live anywhere, anytime, and through any preferred channel. Digital interaction and transactions are yielding access to more important data. This is allowing

  • more informed decision making
  • rapid adjustments in business strategy
  • organization capability
  • product design

Without a doubt, it is the converts to the digital religion who are reaping the benefits of the latest technology compared to traditional companies and businesses who are left behind the growth curve. They must quickly get on the bandwagon and learn the impact of engaging consumers online, grow their business, and have a great impact on their brand identity.

Reputed companies with vast experience in the field impart informed knowledge educating their clients about the tremendous potential of online customer engagement through technological advancement and how revenues and profits are shifting towards those who can straddle the digital and the physical realms.

Impact of Digitisation

Digital marketing and engagement have enabled

  • Greater speed
  • Convenience
  • Lower prices
  • Increased volume sales
  • More informed data on choice and consumer behavior
  • All important data of the consumer for an analytical approach
  • Ease of planning business strategy
  • Unprecedented automation through artificial intelligence
  • Consumer data enabled more targeted marketing
  • The omnichannel strategy of communication established for customer care

There has been greater engagement and recent survey analytics have shown that 41.3% of consumers working from home have met all their expenses through their smartphones. Another recent Customer Engagement report indicates that companies increased their digital strategies 2 to 4 times during the initial period of lockdown by adopting:

  • Deploying new technologies
  • Engaged and explored their IT resources
  • Engage customers on new channels

Communication APIs

CPaaS a cloud communications platform is easy to service software with cloud integration that allows digital brands to launch total customer care centers conveniently at the simple click of a switch. All companies big or small can build a suitable care center from the cloud which is:

  • Easy to build
  • Develop and add new features & maintain support
  • Quick to launch new communication channels
  • Endowed with a rich database convenient to build customer profiles
  • Highly innovative with personalization, Chatbots, and insights
  • Made available on SMS, Social media, e-mail, voice, and in-app
  • Lead generation is tapped for business growth
  • Convenient to maintain after-sales relationships
  • Can be channelized into a single engagement platform

Understanding Customer Journeys

The customer engagement platform reveals some important holistic data. Besides engaging the consumer through verbal communications the platform provides

  • Deep insight into customer’s journey through their multiple touchpoints
  • Expose various issues during nuanced interactions
  • Greater visibility of the customer’s choice of channel for interactions
  • Enable brands to exercise tighter control over every channel/access points

Live agents preference by consumers

Recent surveys have brought out a revealing fact that the majority of consumers prefer live agents to address their queries. Communication APIs can make this possible by running live customer care centers on the cloud, thereby minimizing the cost of running a dedicated call center. It is advised to attend quality interactive webinars conducted by the renowned organization to understand customer engagement solutions through digital marketing and implement them effectively within their existing infrastructure.