Harness the digital channel to reach customers globally & engage fruitfully

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    Binny Chanchal
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The need of the hour for any manufacturer, product developer, service provider, and other professionals is to tap the vast local and international market, capitalize on the open economy congenial atmosphere and adopt the upgraded most advanced digital platform to showcase and sell their product online. The opportunity to grow online was compulsorily made available to all during the Covid-95 outbreak worldwide. Physical detachment is no longer a barrier and the digital transformation has blended the customer journey on a singular experience both online and offline. The digital platform has brought about;

  • Strong customer engagement digitally
  • Physical detachment is no barrier
  • Customer interactions anywhere anytime
  • Communication via any desired channel of the consumer
  • Growing business
  • Brand impact in the market
  • Convenient approach and entry both internationally and in the local market
  • Seamless marketing
  • Convenience of shopping
  • Delivery at doorstep
  • Multiple payment options
  • Suitable positioning of the brand business in the market
  • Brand identity

Tap Latest Communication Apis for Effective Customer Care

CPaaS which is a cloud communication latest platform is rapidly changing the market orientation and preference. The platform has enabled the most effective, fast, and convenient customer care operating centers for digital brands at the tap of a switch. The development of the latest communication APIs has enabled companies of varying sizes to establish an effective care center from the cloud to provide informatively, trusted communication and which is:

  • Innovative with insights, personalization, and chatbots availability
  • Convenient to develop, build new features, and provide continual support
  • Convenient to develop, build new features, and provide continual support
  • Lead generation and establish after-sales lasting relationships
  • Rich organic data collection to generate customer profiles
  • Availability on SMS, Voice, e-mail, in-app and social media
  • Channeled into a singular customer engagement platform
  • Possible to reach consumers’ lives through communication APIs
  • Possible to run and provide customer care service live
  • Elimination of live agents or dedicated call center
  • Minimize expenses of customer care service through the cloud-based platform

Digital transformation with the use of updated digital technologies has created new and remodeled existing business culture, processes, and different customer experiences. This has integrated digital technology into every sphere of the business, changing the operational style of the business delivering value to the customers

Optimizing Customer Engagement

The development of a holistic customer engagement platform will provide deeper insights into the customer journey and their approach. The manufacturer, service provider, and others are provided with a clear understanding and a realistic picture of the journey from beginning till end. Different touchpoints during the customer’s journey are analyzed for a thorough understanding of the

  • Taste, likings of the consumer
  • The expectation of the service or brand
  • Provides tighter control over every access point on their brand
  • Exposure of relevant issues during interactions
  • Easy availability of consumer concern and questions through social media interactions

Conduct Free 1-On-1 Webinar

Smart, responsible, and result-oriented digital platform developers conduct webinars from time to time with experts in the field to pinpoint and enable webinars guests to understand the specific needs of the customer with the most appropriate suggestions to implement effective digital service online within their existing infrastructure. This free consultation and effective guidance imparted through the webinar medium enable the user to understand and implement the right digital transformation with specific goals at optimum expenditure. The panel discussion will impart value, drive the relevant message to business organizations as to how they can remain competitive and thrive in the increasingly competitive market. Easy migration to a code-based digital platform, refractor, and upgrade to the new channel will be planned for convenient adaptability.