Why is Laravel the best PHP framework?

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    Binny Chanchal
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In the current world digitalization is everything. As many of us are aware, PHP is one of the oldest programming languages in the world, and it is based on technicalities that are simple to be understood. The majority of the programs and software that we use today have some of the other influence of PHP in them, and this is what makes it special. Many programmers are aware of the use and power of PHP, and hence it managed to remain as a stable programming asset to the IT Industry.

Every programming language can have a set of frameworks that people can add to enhance their software work. Laravel is one of the most popular frameworks that exist in the PHP. As many people look forward to understanding what exactly they need, Laravel has provided the majority of people the exact fit into their software works. The framework has its own importance and was first released in 2011. The latest version of Laravel was available from September 2018 and is stable to date. A very minute amount of people look forward to some other framework, but with the popularity basis, Laravel wins the list.

Features of Laravel

MSV Support – The Laravel is a platform that allows users to have access to Model, view, and controller inclusive view to all architectural patterns. This will enable users to have proper syntax on the go.

Authentication and Authorization – As we all know the importance of security in our programs, along with artisan command line aid, we can add it within seconds.

Packaging system – If you want to add a series of plugins to help you in your program, you can simply use Laravel. You can use multiple software support and libraries to help you manage your work environment easily.

Artisan Console – PHP would sometimes be tricky, and you may not be able to type the commands as you want. Laravel has its own command console called Artisan, which will help you easily manage all the models, controllers, and migrations.

Task Scheduling – You will never run late on the program you are working on. We all have the habit of scheduling our tasks while writing a beautiful program, and Laravel keeps you rightly on your track.

Testing – Isn’t this the most important part of all? You can detect minute details and errors with Laravel software and even keenly analyze what’s wrong and what’s not. As Laravel follows the Artisan console command system, it will use the utility within the application to make it easier.

It looks like Laravel is a complete package of frameworks that anyone would need while working within the PHP program. It is also important to understand the requirement of each individual. As the application comprises multiple libraries, you can edit the framework by making some additional changes.